The Campus Review Best Practice Awards 2017 – Congratulations University of Newcastle

The winner of the 2017 ResearchMaster Award for Excellence in Research Management was awarded to the Pre-award team, Research Grants Unit from the University of Newcastle, comprising of Judy Alexander, Kylie Hugo, Dr. Adam Koppers and Dr. Angela McPherson. The team presented a clear and stand out example of excellence in research management, demonstrated by clear response to stakeholder feedback and effective implementation of an innovative solution to streamline competitive grant review during peak major rounds.

The College of Asia and the Pacific Research Services Team (CAPRs) from the  Australian National University (ANU) received the ATEM Award Highly Commended for the excellent demonstration of the value of end to end business process re-engineering to create a collaborative, user focus with potential for enduring and innovative outcomes. The CAPRs team comprises of Darlene Sebalj, Dr Marie-Helene Rousseau, Judy Burtenshaw, Sean Downes, Josie Hornung, Catherine Karcher and Suzanne Hainsworth.

The 6th ATEM/ Campus Review Best Practice Award Ceremony was held on Monday 18th September at the Arts Centre in Melbourne in conjunction with the TEM Conference. Judy Alexander, Associate Director of Research Grants, accepted the award on behalf of the team.

ResearchMaster congratulates the University of New Castle and the Australian National University on their success.

September 2017

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