ResearchMaster Enterprise 7.6 Latest Release

The ResearchMaster team is pleased to announce a wealth of new functionality and enhancements now available in the ResearchMaster Enterprise (RME) RME7.6 Release.
This release focuses on Higher Degree Research (HDR) innovations together with improvements to user experience, which will underpin the direction of development in 2021.

RME7.6 is loaded with changes and enhancements the team has developed in response to feedback from clients about their needs and their typical use of the product, all geared towards empowering users and supporting end-to-end HDR lifecycle management.

We have expanded upon our industry-leading higher degree research candidature management offering. It now features additional eForms to support your research throughout its whole lifecycle, each of which can be customised to suit your institution’s needs and processes.

API improvement and refinement has been an on-going focus in each RME7 release. RME7.6 allows for advanced organisation data management and added new security enhancements for peace of mind.

Many other improvements have been made for this release, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • User interface improvements that will ensure streamlined processes and ease of navigation
  • Enhancements to existing integrations, further enabling automatic validation of information between systems
  • New search parameters for journals and books, enhancing the specificity of lookup results
  • Links between different areas across RME making it easier to access supporting information

These are just some of the changes—in total there are some 62 different improvements and enhancements in the RME7.6 release, enabling us to consistently deliver greater system performance and improved efficiency and functionality.

For more information on the changes, current clients can view the release notes here. For more details, including queries about upgrading to RME7.6, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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