ResearchMaster Supports ACU Candidature Services Success

The ACU Candidature Services team are celebrating after successfully upgrading to the latest iteration of ResearchMaster’s research administration solution, RME7.

With a user-friendly interface and functionality specifically designed to simplify and streamline the experience, ACU students, supervisors, Associate Dean of Research and administrators are all benefiting from the change.

Leanne Watson, leader of the Candidature Services team said, RME7 is going great; we are happy that we made the change. Among the favourite features of the team are the eForm deeplinks, wildcard search functionality, navigational breadcrumbs and of course the dashboards.
“The reality of how much easier it is, is really nice…there are a lot of things we’re now able to do” Ms Watson said.

As an active participant in the RME HDR community over the past two years, Ms Watson explained “One of the great things about being part of the HDR User Group is hearing how other people and institutions use RME functionality.”

Through discussions, ACU have been able to further focus on elements of RME that they haven’t yet implemented and learn directly from other users how they have incorporated these elements into their processes.

ResearchMaster congratulates Leanne and the ACU Candidature Services team on their RME7 upgrade and are pleased to be partnering with them in their continued success.

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