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Recruiting the highest calibre candidates for Higher Degree Research, or HDR, projects starts from managing the initial application and extends throughout the entire research experience. The complexity of managing thousands of research candidates from multiple nations with various research projects at different stages of completion requires a great deal of Graduate Research Office resource.

Smooth and efficient HDR administrative processes improves the research experience for academic staff, candidates and graduate research administration staff.

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ResearchMaster’s Higher Degree Research Management Solution allows you to easily manage, integrate and monitor all phases of your HDR candidature requirements from initial application, enrolment, ongoing progress to final outcome. Our powerful data solution delivers the ability to:

  • Manage and monitor the HDR candidature lifecycle from application and enrolment through to submission, examination and completion,
  • Streamline and automate processes such as milestone management, candidature variations, thesis submission and examination using eForms and Workflow technology,
  • Link candidates to other research activities including ethics applications, projects, contracts and research outputs,
  • Manage and monitor scholarship recipients including application, approvals, variations and payments throughout the candidature lifecycle,
  • Use automated online progress reviews and candidature management forms to minimise your administrative overheads and improve both your data quality and service delivery to students.

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