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Research Outputs
Management Solution

The information age requires organisations of every size to report on the outcomes and results of activity at any time. Collecting, collating, finding and using the right data in order to develop accurate output reports for Board Members, grant and other funding bodies, Government Ministers and other stakeholders requires the right system that is adaptable to your needs.

Our Research Outputs Management Solution allows you to easily manage and monitor the progress of research outputs from the initial notification of a new research output, managing and tracking the peer review process, through to collating data for internal and external reporting purposes.

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Our powerful data solution delivers the ability to:

  • Manage and monitor research outputs online from initial notification and peer review through to reporting and impact. This will minimise your administrative overheads and streamline processes and reporting,
  • Collect and collate data for the Australian Research Council ERA submission using our ERA Assist tool. This enables automated tracking of eligible researchers and eligible research outputs as well as validation of details against the ARC data requirements for submission,
  • Minimise data entry and administrative tasks because our system pre-populates and auto-creates research output records where possible,
  • Harvest research output data through purpose-built integrations or our REST based API,
  • Link research outputs to related projects, contracts and HDR candidates.
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