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What is ResearchMaster?

ResearchMaster Enterprise is the most comprehensive research management solution in the world. It helps you organise, administer, review and oversee research projects from inception to completion.

Use it to manage research information and processes.

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Find out more about ResearchMaster modules:

Higher degree by research (HDR)

Keep track of the progress of your HDR students, from applications to milestones to outputs and examinations. Access information securely, from anywhere.

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Costing and pricing

Cost out research projects effectively. Set standard costs and ensure any application accurately accounts for oft-overlooked line items in the budget, like facilities and consumables.


Manage ethics applications. Track approvals, rejections and appeals. Use built-in logic and automated workflows to ensure the right processes are followed for the right projects.


Link research contracts with projects, outputs, personnel, documentation and budgets. Manage standard clauses, variations and contract terms. Automate reminders.


Ensure accurate records and updated funding information. Keep track of requirements from major bodies and make accurate reports with live-updated data.

Quality Assessment

ResearchMaster’s data governance and management tools are perfectly placed to help you prepare for a data-driven, automated exercise in research quality assessment. Keep an eye out for our new quality assessment tool coming soon.

ResearchMaster News

Could an AI win a competitive research grant?

We at ResearchMaster certainly use technology to help streamline the processes that are at the core of the competitive grants process, like smart costing and pricing tools and automatically filling e-forms. But the role of technology in knowledge work remains contested. Criticisms range from fears that AI will allow lazy shirkers to offload their work onto technology with nobody the wiser, to the evergreen anxiety that we will all soon be replaced by robots.

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ResearchMaster News

A brief review of peer review: Where did it come from? Where is it going?

Peer review has a long history. We look at its past and present, and contemplate its future. Peer review is a cornerstone of academic publishing. It’s supposed to ensure that published research is of a high standard by drawing on the knowledge of multiple experts in a field to make sure that the new information…

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ResearchMaster News

The University of Adelaide has upgraded to RME 7

The upgrade to RME 7 is a big step for the Go8 university. The university’s research systems team have collaborated extensively with ResearchMaster to ensure a smooth roll-out across their systems. The upgraded system offers individual researchers an improved experience in applying for funding and ethics clearance, and better visibility over their own activities. It…

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