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Could an AI win a competitive research grant?

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We at ResearchMaster certainly use technology to help streamline the processes that are at the core of the competitive grants process, like smart costing and pricing tools and automatically filling e-forms. But the role of technology in knowledge work remains contested. Criticisms range from fears that AI will allow lazy shirkers to offload their work onto technology with nobody the wiser, to the evergreen anxiety that we will all soon be replaced by robots.

A new ERA of research quality assessment exercises will demand future-ready universities

Research Administration

The recent release of the Australian Universities Accord Final Report has created a mix of consternation and cautious optimism among industry commentators. While the very welcome refrain of ‘more funding!’ echoes through the report like a drum beat, other elements, like the proposed Higher Education Futures Fund, have attracted criticism from universities.

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World class research deserves world class support.

Higher Education Insight

The world moves forward, understanding improves, and research needs become ever more sophisticated. As research administrators and researchers alike have pointed out for years, the needs of the sector evolve as research sophistication increases. Bluntly put, more sophistication demands more funds. But it’s not just the rising costs of facilities, staff and materials, or the…

A brief review of peer review: Where did it come from? Where is it going?

Higher Education Insight

Peer review has a long history. We look at its past and present, and contemplate its future. Peer review is a cornerstone of academic publishing. It’s supposed to ensure that published research is of a high standard by drawing on the knowledge of multiple experts in a field to make sure that the new information…

Research sector demands high quality data management.

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Many of us undoubtedly breathed a sigh of relief when the halt on Australia’s national research quality valuations, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) and the Engagement and Impact (EI), was announced. But there’s a broader awareness that with recommendations arriving from the Australian Universities Accord committee by the end of 2023, this is less…

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The University of Adelaide has upgraded to RME 7

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The upgrade to RME 7 is a big step for the Go8 university. The university’s research systems team have collaborated extensively with ResearchMaster to ensure a smooth roll-out across their systems. The upgraded system offers individual researchers an improved experience in applying for funding and ethics clearance, and better visibility over their own activities. It…

How Can We Arm Research Teams for Success?

Research Administration

The research landscape in Australia is complex. Funding is labyrinthine, and even industry professionals struggle to stay abreast of every possible rule change, roll-out, new initiative or reporting requirement. In this industry, recent years have seen abrupt or strange changes to funding rules, new demands on research administration, and unexpected changes to expected reporting requirements.…

SES indicates university students are more concerned about education quality than freedom of expression

Higher Education Insight

For the first time the Student Experience Survey has undertaken to measure perceptions of freedom of expression on campus, but it seems students themselves are broadly more concerned with the quality of their education.

Where did university rankings come from, anyway?

Higher Education Insight

Today we accept university rankings as business as usual, but the practice is newer than you might think. Today we accept higher education rankings as a global phenomenon: institutions know they’re coming, some might “massage” their data, ranking drops are fretted over, ranking rises crowed from the rooftops—and then the familiar pattern repeats for the next cycle.

DCA awarded ISO 27001 certification

DCA News

Database Consultants Australia (DCA) is pleased to announce we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification, the international standard that describes best practices for an ISMS (Information Security Management System). This builds on our long-established PCI-DSS certification, expanding the depth and breadth of our security practices.

How can Australian universities improve their ability to adapt to regulatory uncertainty?

Research Administration

Superficially small, ground-level changes can improve the adaptability of a whole organisation. For universities, cultural change, supporting staff and co-workers, and ensuring high-quality professional communication can make all the difference.

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In the wake of Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Bill 2020 research administration is more important than ever

Research Administration

Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Bill 2020  is the latest piece of legislation concerning foreign interference and national security at a federal level. It requires that states, territories, local governments and public universities notify the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of their foreign arrangements, with the aim of ensuring that such arrangements do not adversely affect Australia’s foreign relations and are consistent with Australia’s foreign policy.


Victoria University of Wellington Successfully Upgrades to ResearchMaster Enterprise Version 7

Research Administration, News

Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) in New Zealand have successfully completed a major upgrade of ResearchMaster, recently going live with ResearchMaster Enterprise version 7 (RME7) across multiple functionality areas.