ResearchMaster welcomes RME7.9.0

The ResearchMaster team is delighted to announce a range of enhancements now available in the ResearchMaster Enterprise (RME) RME7.9.0 release. This release focuses on improvements to the costing and pricing tool, together with client feedback-driven changes to user experience.

RME 7.9.0 expands upon our industry-leading costing and pricing tool, designed to help you streamline budget predictions for grants applications. There are too many costing and pricing tool improvements in this release to list them all here, but some of the enhancements include:

  • Greater customisation of alerts
  • New fields for consultancy projects and quotations
  • Extended ability to limit drop down lists from the research office, to ensure only relevant ones can be selected
  • More adaptability to adjust to internal institutional funding rules

Other improvements have been made for this release, like:

  • User interface improvements enabling more intuitive navigation
  • New videos are available to support end-users seeking help with external user processes and determining when eForms show specific page status indicators
  • Financial activities are better supported than ever before, with end-user feedback driving changes to the breadth of categories and applications for which dedicated data fields are available
  • Improvements and refinements to API, integrations and feeders, to ensure that ResearchMaster Enterprise continues to “talk” effectively to third parties like ARC Grants

For more information on the changes, current clients can view the release notes here. For more details, including queries about upgrading to RME7.9.0, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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