Charles Sturt University Upgrades to ResearchMaster Enterprise version 7.6

The Research Team at Charles Sturt University have successfully implemented a major upgrade to ResearchMaster Enterprise Version 7.6 (RME).

There is much positive feedback from the CSU Research community, especially around RME7’s new look and feel, accessibility and navigation. Researchers, administrators, and senior management have attended the briefing launches and engaged with the introduction.

The CSU Project team, led by project sponsor Jason White, product owner Rob Doubleday and Systems Manager Phil Costello, adopted a rigorous testing methodology as part of their project.  Mr Doubleday said: “Our key users and team leaders did a magnificent job in thoroughly testing CSU’s RME7 configurations before we went live. We were able to identify any issues and resolve them offline to minimise production disruptions. It resulted in a smooth and easy transition during go live with end users immediately comfortable in the RME7 environment.”

While it was challenging for the CSU team to balance project and operational responsibilities at the same time, CSU and ResearchMaster worked closely and communicated regularly to co-ordinate the activities and timings for a successful outcome.

ResearchMaster is dedicated to supporting the ongoing success of our clients. For more information on RME7 or to discuss upgrading, please contact us.

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