ResearchMaster releases RME 7.3.0

The ResearchMaster team is pleased to announce their latest enhancements and new functionality aimed at driving operational efficiencies for Universities, Researchers, the Research Office and the HDR Office.

Managing contracts is a critical aspect of University and Higher Education operations and RME 7.3.0 sees extended functionality to the core Contracts solution. The addition of a Contracts eForm domain with cross module population and the ability to populate eForms from project data delivers efficiencies to day-to-day contract management.

An improved Data Warehouse and API now exposes all business data to provide users greater flexibility and opportunity for further data analysis. This is supported by an improved user experience, better dashboards, a rounded out HDR functionality and generally greater system performance.

A host of other improvements and upgrades were made in this release including;

  • Improved design for Thesis Submission and Examination
  • Nomination of Supervisors and Examiners process
  • New Progress Panel related item for student records
  • New eForm API
  • Updates to the Costing and Pricing tool
  • Support for Oracle Database 18c

For more detail please contact us. Current clients can find further details together with release notes here

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